This nonprofit organization was established to provide following range of useful services:


a) Creation, development, protection, renovation and presentation of intellectual and

cultural values and architectural monuments (organisation of cultural and social events

and projects);

b) Services to support regional development and employment rate (research activities,

analyses, studies and publications concerning regional development);

c) Research and development, scientific and technological services, informational services

and architectural surveys (research activities, compiling and publication of analyses,

studies and informational materials concerning the aims of the nonprofit);

d) Education and training (lectures, public discussions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions,

conferences, promotional and advertising activities concerning the aims of the nonprofit

– (modern)art, architecture, public areas/city interventions, protection, redevelopment and

reconstruction of public areas);


Other services offered by the non-profit organisation:


1. Service broking

2. Business, organisational and economical advice

3. Extra-curricural activities

4. Electronic data processing

Sponzori urbaniky


S projekt












S projekt

Podujatie Nočné objavovanie Prešova – Premeny vody podporilo mesto Prešov sumou 2310 Eur v rámci dotácie v oblasti kultúry za rok 2022.



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